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Welcome to the Holistic Ukulele Blues Sessions. We will focus on the relationship between the breath, the ukulele, and the blues. Learn to use meditation exercise to connect with the ukulele and the blues structure. These 4 sessions have been designed to help you play ukulele blues chord progressions, signature blues strumming patterns, and scales to lead over the blues. You can play the blues on ukulele.


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Welcome and Intro


  • Welcome PDF
  • Blues Motivation #1
  • History of Ukulele and The Blues
  • Holistic Ukulele Meditation Mp3

Session 1


  • Blues Motivation #2
  • Parts of the Ukulele PDF
  • Ukulele Theory PDF
  • Blues Chords Video Session
  • Blues Chords PDF
  • Blues Chord Exersises PDF

Session 2


  • Blues Motivation #3
  • 12 Bar Blues Progression Video Session
  • 12 Bar Blues Progression PDF

Session 3


  • Blues Motivation #4
  • A Blues Scale Video
  • Blues Scales PDF

Session 4


  • Blues Motivation #5
  • 1-2-Slap Blues Strum Video Session
  • New Rhythm Strum PDF

About Your Instructor

Haji Basim

Haji Basim


Haji Basim

   Haji Basim is the founder of The Holistic Method: A holistic approach to music instruction, teaching musicians and true beginners how to intuitively align with their instruments. The Holistic Method incorporates/fuses/combines elements of meditation with fundamental music theory while focusing on deepening the relationship between the musician and the musician's chosen instrument. For the past decade, Haji has been delivering The Holistic Method to multigenerational audiences who enthusiastically desire to bring more of their personality into their play. Currently, Haji shares his connected practice worldwide via workshops, private instruction and online lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice.



Learn to Play Ukulele

Learn Blues Chords

Learn to lead Over Blues Chords

The Best Ways to Practice

Reading Chord Charts

Meditation Excersises


This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Cathy Wilson CEO @ MFC
This is the only resource to learn Ukulele, Meditation, and the Blues!!
Manuel Werson NYT Bestselling Author
If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!
Sidra Bathar Classy Dame


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