Connect with your inner musician

You won’t regret it!

The Holistic Ukulele Meditation Course is a revolutionary new approach to Ukulele instruction and meditation. We combine elements of meditation with fundamental music theory to help you intuitively connect with yourself and your Ukulele

No experience necessary!!

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  • Play cool melodies

  • MEDITATE Effectively and Get Results Quickly

  • Breathing Techniques to boost your playing

  • Harness music theory to play creatively and expressively

  • Get a great feeling for strumming

  • Understand different chord types to shape your musical style


Actor at Peoplestore

Mary Emily Deal

This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.

Mother Jaguar Consulting

Cathren Addunni

The ablity to play the ukulele is so powerful and healing, I didn't expect that...

Hetrick Harmonicas

Mathew Smart

Haji's method exeeded my expectations!

About Your Instructor


Haji Basim

Haji Basim   Haji Basim is the founder of The Holistic Method: A holistic approach to music instruction, teaching musicians and true beginners how to intuitively align with their instruments. The Holistic Method incorporates/fuses/combines elements of meditation with fundamental music theory while focusing on deepening the relationship between the musician and the musician's chosen instrument. For the past decade, Haji has been delivering The Holistic Method to multigenerational audiences who enthusiastically desire to bring more of their personality into their play. Currently, Haji shares his connected practice worldwide via workshops, private instruction and online lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice.

Ukulele Meditation Kit

Our ukulele meditation kit is carefully crafted keeping quality and your comfort in mind. Offering you all that you need to start on your meditation and ukulele playing journey, as well as setting the perfect ambiance for your sessions.

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